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Simply enter the name of the supplier and click "submit feedback".


  1. You submit a complaint
  2. Getclosure:
    • Delivers your complaint directly to the supplier
    • Sends them reminders
      to respond
  3. Supplier responds to your complaint
  4. Getclosure sends the response
    to you
  5. You can:
    • Reply
    • Close your complaint
    • Investigate other options
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About Us

Content created on social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter is in many ways a running commentary of users' lives. Increasingly this commentary includes discussion of brands. 

Who we are
Founded in 2007, Getclosure is a digital research firm focussing on understanding customer feedback. 

What we do
Getclosure tracks, collates and analyses online conversations to help our clients understand who is talking about their brands and what they are saying. 

We produce discreet, bespoke reports which place these conversations in the context of the client's business objectives. Our services are also used for competitor monitoring, customer engagement assessments and more traditional research and consulting services. 

Complaints website
Getclosure also provides an online platform for consumers to submit and read feedback about a range of top South African suppliers.  As part of this service, we facilitate the effective resolution of genuine complaints by providing an independent complaints management service.  Submit feedback now.  

Contact Details
Telephone: +27 21 671 1180



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