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Consumer Protection Act empowers and protects SA consumers

Great news - South Africans are amongst the most protected consumers in the world, thanks to the new Consumer Protection Act* (CPA).

The Consumer Protection Act reinforces your right to complain. If you experience substandard service or receive poor quality products, visit the getclosure homepage to submit a complaint about any South African business and we will deliver it to them today.  This service is fast, free and effective.

Impact on businesses
Businesses had until 24 October 2010 to comply with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act. The Act made provision for a National Consumer Commission to be established in April 2010. As of 1 April 2011, this Commission is responsible for the implementation of the Act.

The Act enables the National Consumer Commission to require businesses to deal with consumer concerns and complaints. To find out how getclosure can help your business comply with these requirements, contact us at info@getclosure.co.za.

Impact on consumers
The Consumer Protection Act will have a wide-ranging impact on South African consumers.  Visit the SA Legislation section of the getclosure blog to find out more.
Or you can follow the links below to read summaries of the more important sections of the Act:
Chapter One:
  • Definitions, how the Act will affect consumers, franchise agreements read more

Chapter Two:

  • Right of equality in the consumer market focusing on discriminatory marketing read more
  • A consumer's right to privacy focusing on direct marketing read more
  • A consumer's right to choose focusing on fixed-term agreements - read more
  • Find out what the pre-authorisation requirements of repair or maintenance work are - read more
  • A consumer's right to a cooling off period after direct marketing - read more
  • What the Act has to say about deposits and cancellation fees - read more
  • A consumer's right to examine goods before purchase - read more
  • A consumer's rights with respect to delivery of goods or services - read more
  • A consumer's right to return goods - read more
  • More to follow
To find out more about getclosure or if you have any questions, contact us at customerservices@getclosure.co.za.
*The official online pdf version of the Consumer Protection Act can be downloaded from the South African Government Information website.  Please note that this is a large file (2.3MB) and may take some time to download.
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Written by: Emma Donovan

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