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Simply enter the name of the supplier and click "submit feedback".


  1. You submit a complaint
  2. Getclosure:
    • Delivers your complaint directly to the supplier
    • Sends them reminders
      to respond
  3. Supplier responds to your complaint
  4. Getclosure sends the response
    to you
  5. You can:
    • Reply
    • Close your complaint
    • Investigate other options
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Service Excellence Seal
We have developed a seal for all South African companies and websites to demonstrate their commitment to customer service. If you would like to display this seal on your website please contact Emma Donovan on emma@getclosure.co.za

In addition to our complaint management service, getclosure offers a directory of sources of information about consumer rights and remedies in South Africa.

If your organisation provides information about consumer rights in South Africa or any other assistance in resolving consumer gripes, we would like to provide a link to your website. If a link to your website is appropriate, fill in this form. In return for providing a link from our site to yours, all we ask is that you provide a reciprocal link from your website to ours.

We do our best to ensure that the information in our listings is correct. If you feel that any of the information is inaccurate or misleading please email us and we will make the necessary updates.

We welcome guest articles on relevant topics. Please email emma@getclosure.co.za if you would like to submit an article for our news section or blog.

We reserve the right to decide whether to provide a link to your website. We also reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish any material that is sent to us.

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