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Simply enter the name of the supplier and click "submit feedback".


  1. You submit a complaint
  2. Getclosure:
    • Delivers your complaint directly to the supplier
    • Sends them reminders
      to respond
  3. Supplier responds to your complaint
  4. Getclosure sends the response
    to you
  5. You can:
    • Reply
    • Close your complaint
    • Investigate other options
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Useful information and links

getclosure has an extensive database of information and useful links. This page will navigate you to the section that you are looking for:

1.  Sources of Information
  • A list of over 20 South African websites providing useful information about consumer rights, consumer protection, directories of information and advice.
  • A list of South African comparison sites.

2.  Useful Links
  • This list includes links to government departments, legislation, Chapter 9 Commissions, Courts and Tribunals, Ombuds, member associations and other sources of information.

3.  Useful Publications
  • A list of relevant books, magazines and online publications.

If you would like to add your organisation to any of these lists please contact Emma Donovan on info@getclosure.co.za

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