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  1. You submit a complaint
  2. Getclosure:
    • Delivers your complaint directly to the supplier
    • Sends them reminders
      to respond
  3. Supplier responds to your complaint
  4. Getclosure sends the response
    to you
  5. You can:
    • Reply
    • Close your complaint
    • Investigate other options
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Summary Statistics

Users who rate Getclosure positively:   96%

Of this 96%:

Users who rate Getclosure as excellent:   62%

Users who rate Getclosure as good:26%

Users who rate Getclosure as adequate:8%

January 2011

Testimonial: Your service is excellent. I am running short of better words to describe it. - V.S.

January 2011

Testimonial: Keep going with the remarkable service. - B.P.

January 2011

Testimonial: You are fantastic. - M.S.

January 2011

Testimonial: You are amazing! I have found you to be so efficient and you have really helped me. - D.G.

January 2011

Testimonial: I appreciate getclosure! very much, as you always got back to me. This is why I use getclosure as I always get results.
- N.O

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